Herbal Facial Kit (Apricot Honey Scrub, Alovera Gel, Moushring cream and Sandalwood Face pack)


₹1,499 , ₹1,520

Deyomkar Natural Herbal introduces Apricot Honey Face Scrub which deep cleanses your skin. Deyomkar Natural herbal Apricot Honey Face Scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and gives clear, smooth and radiant skin.

 99% NATURAL ALOE EXTRACTS: Soothe your skin with this super Aloevera Gel that calms your skin leaving a cooling sensation that lasts longer than you expected! 100% FRAGRANCE-FREE & COLOUR-FREE.   freshly cleansed skin to soothe, condition, hydrate & nourish.

  Apply on Face & Neck with wet Fingertips for 8-10 Minutes. Wipe off with Moist Cotton Pad.

 Apply The Pack in a Thin Layer on Face & Neck. Avoiding the Eye Contour Area. Rinse off with Splashes of Cold Water or wipe off properly with wet cotton Pad then Pat Dry with soft tissue paper or soft towel.